Monday, October 11, 2010

Only a Pawn in their game - Karlo

The song “Only a Pawn in Their Game” is about the huge controversy when Medgar Evers’ and two white volunteer teachers from the north were gone missing until officials found their bodies. This caught the attention of Bob Dylan and he ended up writing a song around 1963.
The overall purpose of this song was mainly to send out and deliver a strong message. This message is a strong political song that is talking about the controversy through the eyes of Bob Dylan. He feels like that the shooters were not all responsible for this killing. Bob Dylan makes it clear that America is in this position because the people in power are not doing much to help out the deadly segregation in the south. Meaning that society got white hating blacks. It’s the politicians that pretty much have a great impact on society and how it runs.
The song writing concept of this song is simplistic. I’m pretty sure Dylan purposely made it like that so people can receive the message without getting too distracted with the melody of the instruments. This song is written on just a guitar; no band. This is not a crazy party song where people can be in deeply in the song and dancing hard to it. There is no real chorus in the song but it consistently repeats “He’s only a pawn in their game”.
The argument of this song is that society in the south is educated to treat and behave a certain way to black people which is obviously for the negative. The only way to progress from the violence is to change the political system.
I believe this song is strong and its delivery is well contrasted. It does want it needed to do. I believe this song is successful.

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  1. Hi Karlo - First just a clarification - Medgar Evers was a NAACP leader who was killed a year before Goodman, Schwerner and Cheney went missing. He was killed in his driveway at home and the killer was widely known, as suggested by the song.

    I agree that the repetition of the title emphasizes this core argument - not just that racism is taught, but that it serves to keep the elites i power, as the racism of poor whites keeps them from challenging those with power.
    I'm curious about the claim that the song suggests violence is required to change the system - what makes you think that?